Keith Day Ag Services has been supplying compost to the Salinas Valley since 1986. Our services include custom compost and soil amendment blends, lime, gypsum, plus trucking and spreading our products. Our experienced staff creates custom blends for Central California farmers, vineyards, contractors, landscapers, nurseries or anyone else that is looking for the best quality at the best price. Today, we’re the largest producer of organic compost and soil products on the Central Coast.

Our Investment in Quality

We operate several compost and soil blending sites in the Central Coast region and our state-ofthe-art equipment includes grinders, compost turners, blending and finishing screens to ensure product uniformity. Providing our customers with a quality product beings iwht our staff who monitors and inspects materials from feedstocks including landscape trimmings, agricultural culls, mushroom substrate, and grape pomace, and rigorous testing before products leave our site.

Custom Soil Blends

We have been working with farmers and growers for decades to produce high-performance soil blends for row crops, vineyards, orchards, landscapers, greenhouse production and a wide range of horticultural uses. Our custom blends can include compost, lime, gypsum, sand, topsoil, and other materials. Blending various products ensures product consistency while reducing application costs when spreading a blend rather than individual products.